Want to make a difference
in the lives of individuals and
in our community? SAFE in
Hunterdon invites you to
become a volunteer and help
change the lives of
individuals and families in
our community. By
volunteering at SAFE in
Hunterdon, you can reach
out to those who are coping
with abuse and provide a
sense of comfort as they
recover from their traumatic

The incidence of domestic
violence and sexual assault
in our community is an issue
we can no longer ignore. In
2008, SAFE in Hunterdon
received nearly 6,500 calls
to our toll-free hotline and
served over 1900 individuals
throughout our entire
program. The need for
volunteers is growing every
day and we hope that you
will join us in helping those
affected by violence.
What can I do as a volunteer?
Each of us has a skill that becomes valuable when we share it with
others. Whether your talent is cooking a tasty dish or being a good
listener, SAFE in Hunterdon has an opportunity for you! On the right
are a few of the ways you can volunteer with SAFE in Hunterdon.

What Do I Have To Do to Become A Volunteer?
Anyone wishing to work directly with clients of a SAFE in Hunterdon
must complete a comprehensive 80-hour training program, offered at
SAFE in Hunterdon, free of charge. These trainings are held three
times annually at the agency Outreach Office in Flemington, NJ.To find
out more about volunteer training, please call our Outreach Office at
(908) 788-7666.

I have a group that is looking to do a project for SAFE in
Hunterdon. What types of projects can we do?
SAFE in Hunterdon often has groups of people from various
companies and organizations looking to volunteer together doing a
single project. In the past, we have had groups organize donation
drives for new items that were needed at the agency. Some of these
items include children’s books, backpacks, school supplies, etc. There
is always a need for various items at SAFE in Hunterdon. Groups have
also done projects such as adopting a room in one of our residential
facilities and painting and decorating the space. If your group is
interested in an opportunity such as this, please call our Outreach
Office at (908) 788-7666 to see what projects and items are needed at
this time.

Still not sure how you can help?
We are always looking for new and creative ways to engage our
community in joining us in our mission If you are interested in getting
involved, please call our Coordinator of Community Mobilization (908)
788-7666 to discuss other options.

Want to help, but not sure you have the time?
Click the button below to donate to SAFE in Hunterdon quickly and
Direct Client Volunteer Opportunities:

Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT):
Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT)/
Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)*
Volunteers work directly with survivors
immediately after incidents of domestic violence
and sexual assault are reported to authorities.
This volunteer opportunity requires working
cooperatively with local police departments and
medical professionals to ensure immediate
emotional support, information, advocacy, and
resource referrals to victims.

Volunteers transport, tutor, play or organize
activities with children of various age groups,
providing a comforting non-threatening presence
to them while their parents must be away for
court appearances, counseling sessions, etc. A
volunteer assisting with child care may work off-
site at our Children’s Program, Shelter or
Transitional House.

Mentoring Program*
Volunteers are matched with clients in the
Residential Program and assist in areas such
as computer skills/job skills, apartment hunting,
or researching educational opportunities.

Hotline Coverage*
Volunteers work under the supervision of an
agency advocate answering the 24-hour hotline.
Hotline workers must be attentive, empathetic
and calm in emergency situations.

On an on-call basis, volunteers may assist with
the transportation of clients to family court or to
other scheduled appointments.

General  Volunteer Opportunities:

Office Coverage
Volunteers may work during normal office hours
to supplement staff coverage, performing routine
administrative tasks.

Fundraising and Donation Drives
Volunteers may offer help during fundraising
campaigns by soliciting donations or by getting
involved in the organization and development of
an event. They may also set up and organize
gift/donation drives within their own communities
or coordinate donations received at the Outreach

Other Services
Volunteers who have specialized skills can
present a seminar to clients (e.g. Basic Home or
Auto Maintenance and Repairs, Debt
Management/Budgeting, Job Counseling, etc.) or
provide other services according to their specific

*Volunteers for these services must complete
SAFE in Hunterdon's mandatory 80-hour
training program.

To find out more about volunteer training,
please call our Volunteer Coordinator at
(908) 788-7666 or send an email to
Call (908) 788-7666 to find
out how you can help
24 Hour Hotline 1--888--988--4033
In case of emergency, please dial 911
Serving victims and survivors of domestic and sexual abuse for over 30 years
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Outreach office: 908-788-7666
24-hour hotline: 888-988-4033
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SAFE in Hunterdon's Mission is to empower adult and child survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, while collaborating with our community to prevent violence and create positive social change.