THRIVE: Transitional Housing

“I can be changed by what happens to me. I refuse to be reduced by it.”
– Maya Angelou

The Transitional House officially opened its doors in 1999. Since there are 60-day limits on the length of stay at the agency Safe House, the Transitional House meets an important need for women and their children who require additional support after their stay at the Safe House.

This program, which boasts a 95% success rate, is critical to many of the agency’s clients and is a stepping stone to beginning their new lives, free from violence. The success rate is determined by the number of clients who have participated in the Transitional House program, have met all the requirements, and have not returned to abusive homes.

Case management is offered and weekly meetings are held, very much like the services available at the Safe House. Women staying at the Transitional House are expected to actively work towards healing and independent living as their situations allow. These requirements are established as a means to ease women into the responsibilities of living independently.

The Transitional House can accommodate up to three families at one time. The program fee for Transitional House residents is $400 per month. Since there are often several families staying at the home, clients develop strong ties because of their common experiences. Residents work together on the upkeep and daily chores of the house, and support each other during their journeys towards independent, violence-free living. The time frame for staying at the Transitional House is typically six to twelve months.

SAFE in Hunterdon also partners with landlords in Hunterdon County who provide a limited number of individual apartments at a reduced rental cost for survivors of domestic violence and their children for a period of up to 18 months.


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