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About NJ Men of Strength 

Our NJ Men of Strength campaign will highlight leaders, advocates, and allies who are examples of healthy strength and manhood.  Our messaging will elevate positive, healthy, and safe qualities and characteristics of “strength” – such as respecting others, reaching out for help, and speaking up – in an effort to challenge stereotypes which perpetuate unhealthy and abusive behaviors.

What Men Can Do 

  • Sign a Pledge: NJCEDV will host a website for this campaign where men will be invited to sign a pledge declaring their commitment to ending domestic violence in their organizations and communities.
  • Support Domestic Violence Programs: Individuals and groups will be encouraged to make a donation that will support NJCEDV and our member programs. Donations will be encouraged at every level, but in particular NJ Men of Strength will be encouraged to donate $300 or more; and NJ Supporters of Strength will be encouraged to donate a min of $57 (this number is connected to the statistic listed above that 57% of men believe they personally can make a difference.) Our goal is to raise $90,000 throughout the month, and from across the state. Twenty percent (20%) of the proceeds will go to NJCEDV to support future prevention awareness, and the remaining 80% will be evenly distributed among NJCEDV’s 30 member programs.
  • Be a Role Model: Throughout October, NJCEDV will highlight state and community level leaders on the campaign website and through social media. Individuals at the $300+ level will be invited to upload their image and provide a brief statement on why they are a NJ Man of Strength. Others are welcome to make a donation in honor of a NJ Man of Strength.
  • Attend an Event: The NJ Men of Strength website will include an events calendar listing DV awareness activities and events throughout October. Individuals will be encouraged to attend an event.
  • Learn How to be a Role Model and Man of Strength: Throughout October, NJCEDV will provide information and tools that men can use, in their various roles, to promote healthy relationships and qualities of strength.

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