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Teen Dating Violence & Sexual Violence

It is a difficult time in any parent’s life when their child is hurting. If your teen child has been sexually assaulted or abused in some way, you as a parent need to take care of you as well as your teen child. SAFE in Hunterdon does have services to support you and help you cope. You may be feeling a wide range of emotions yourself, and will probably be reacting differently than your teen child.

You may see your teen blaming themselves for the abuse/assault, worrying about getting in trouble, feeling ashamed, experiencing nightmares, appearing depressed or anxious.

Some helpful tips for parents:

Communicate to your teen it is not their fault

Simply listen to your teen and encourage them to talk

Encourage your teen to talk to a counselor; you can assist them in reaching out to SAFE in Hunterdon

Obtain resources


National Sexual Violence Resource Center
Love is Respect
Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network
National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Domestic Violence

Impact of domestic violence on your teen can include feeling scared, powerless, insecure, angry, self-blame, difficulty concentrating in school, anxious, physical ailments such as stomach aches and headaches.

How Can Parents Help?

Let them know they can talk to you about the violence in the home, provide understanding, communicate violence is not okay, reach out for support services and/or resources.

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