Tertiary Prevention

SAFE in Hunterdon provides Tertiary Prevention services that address the lasting consequences of victimization.


SAFE offers specialized counseling and treatment, including teaching coping and life management skills, to survivors of domestic/sexual violence. This helps them to mitigate some of the damage and restore a sense of safety and master over their lives. In essence, it turns them from a victim into a survivor.

In addition, SAFE in Hunterdon has Safe Sites throughout Hunterdon County to address the barrier of transportation. Individual and group counseling are available at these sites.

All SAFE counseling services are free of charge. To find out more about Counseling services go to Counseling.

Edna Mahon Correctional Facility for Women

SAFE offers confidential counseling and healing programs to the incarcerated women of Edna Mahon Correctional Facility (EMCF) for Women. National estimates show that 90% of women in prison have a history of domestic and/or sexual violence, often stemming back to childhood trauma and abuse. Healing from trauma and abuse is often critical for true rehabilitation and the reduction of recidivism. To find out more about Edna Mahon Correctional Facility for Women go to Survivor Inmates.

Legal Advocacy

Tertiary prevention also includes intervention in family violence to prevent recurrence of the situations and behaviors that cause harm. SAFE in Hunterdon provides legal advocacy to individuals who experience domestic abuse and sexual assault. To find out more information about Legal Advocacy go to Legal Advocacy.

Emergency Hotline

SAFE's 24/7 Emergency Hotline is available for victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault to call for information and to be linked to services. Call 888- 988-4033 to reach SAFE's Emergency Hotline. To find out more information about the Emergency Hotline go to Hotline.

Safe Housing

In addition, victims can receive emergency shelter for themselves and their children for up to 60 days. To find out more about Safe Housing go to Safe Housing .

Transitional Housing

Families who qualify may also be accepted into the Transitional Housing program, where they can live free from violence for up to 18 months while they heal and stabilize support in their lives. For more information on Transitional Housing go to Transitional Housing.

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