Legal Representation

SAFE in Hunterdon can provide free representation for plaintiffs at final restraining order (FRO) hearings. There are three entities that can provide this representation:

Counsel for Victim Services

SAFE has a staff attorney that can represent a plaintiff who is a victim of domestic or sexual violence and has received a temporary restraining order (TRO). This representation is free of charge and there are no financial eligibility requirements.

Legal Services of Northwest Jersey

The office of Legal Services of Northwest Jersey has attorneys in their Flemington office who can represent low-income plaintiffs at no cost. This program has a financial eligibility requirement.


SAFE’s Legal HAVEN is a network of private attorneys that provide free legal representation for low-income plaintiffs at the final restraining order (FRO) hearing.  SAFE’S Legal HAVEN is comprised of over 20 attorneys who dedicate their time to assist plaintiffs with enhancing their safety through the final restraining order process. The Counsel for Victim Services or a legal advocate can help support plaintiffs by referring them to a SAFE Legal HAVEN attorney.

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