SAFE In Hunterdon

We Serve Hunterdon County Survivors of Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

We Provide Trauma – Informed Care 

And Help Victims Navigate a Path to Recovery

We Are Available 24/7


We Rely On Donations

Our Services are Free to Victims

Our clients

Our organization serves Hunterdon County survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault by providing the resources they need to rebuild their lives and restore safety after experiencing or witnessing interpersonal violence.

SAFE in Hunterdon works in collaboration with community partners and providers to deliver trauma-informed services that meet the diverse needs of survivors.

If you or someone you know is currently experiencing abuse or is in need of our services,
please call our 24/7 hotline at 908.788.4044.

Our mission

SAFE in Hunterdon is dedicated to offering safety, hope, supportive services, and advocacy to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Hunterdon County. SAFE also provides educational programming to the community with focus on prevention.

We envision a community with the strength and knowledge to support all individuals in their journey to maintain physical and emotional safety.

Behind the scenes

Our vision is to create a sustainable local organization which is committed to supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence through an innovative approach focused on community collaboration. Our goal is to become an active participant in Hunterdon county that works with essential stakeholders already imbedded in the community. We seek the input of community leaders and institutions to better provide education, intervention, and protection to our neighbors and residents.

Our Board of Trustees consists of local professionals in the fields of law, accounting, social services, health care and business to share their diverse expertise in guiding Safe in Hunterdon to meet the needs of our community. Additionally, Hunterdon Healthcare System has committed to a partnership to provide logistical and financial support to ensure that survivors of domestic and sexual violence have access to a local service provider with an expertise in domestic and sexual violence.

Get Involved

Your donation of any size helps us to maintain our vital programs
and reach more of your neighbors in need.

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