BW NICE Educates Young Women About Domestic and Sexual Violence

In the spirit of awareness and education, BWNICE invited young woman from the community to join them as SAFE in Hunterdon presented on the topic of Teen and Young Adult Violence, at thier Breakfast Meeting on Wednesday, August 8, 2018. There will be another presentation from SAFE about Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault in October.





NJCEDV Men of Strength Campaign

Why NJ Men of Strength?

We often hear of the number of men who perpetrate domestic violence, but there are many more who are concerned about this epidemic, and who want to do something to help. In fact, according to Futures Without Violence:
• 88% of men believe that society should do more to promote respect for women and girls;
• 57% of men believe that they personally can make a difference in preventing domestic violence and sexual assault; and
• 73% of men think they can make a difference in promoting healthy, respectful, non-violent relationships among young people.

Engaging men and boys as allies in the work to end violence against women and girls is an important part of reducing gender-based violence in our communities. Through education and community organizing efforts, men and boys can gain more knowledge and skills in preventing violence and promoting healthy, supportive relationships. To read more go to:




Flemington Corn, Tomato and Beer Festival 2018


SAFE in Hunterdon volunteers spread the word about services and advocate against domestic abuse and sexual assault at the Corn, Tomato and Beer Festival in Flemington on Saturday, August 4th.


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